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28/02/2020 2:35 am  

5-L short brand name, easy for remember. It could be great for many industries. FENEW is similar with Chinese FEI NIU, which means beef and much nicer than Pingying translation. FENEW also can be divided to FE + NEW, suitable for many innovations.

BIN: $1,999,  Buy here.   Offer welcome, send it here or PM me.

Registrar: Namesilo

Expiry: 2021-4-20

Delivery: Free push to your Namesilo account upon receipt of payment, within 48 hours. If you don’t have Namesilo account, you can open it very easily.

Note: is active with a website, you may visit to find more information about it. The price is only for the domain name. No website, content or hosting included. But if you do want the site, please contact us. We’ll help you build your website and provide hosting service.


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