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Welcome to

I'm Wen from Beijing, China. I'd like to make this site: to be a place where we can discuss freely and friendly any issue in domain business. I hope domain investors, brokers, professionals and end-users will join us to make it a professional forum. 

We can also buy and sell domains here, or exchange them between us. We can show all our fortfolios to each other and there might be chance for us to work together.

We focus on domain business, no drugs, no porn, no racial discrimination or any other illegal issues are allowed here. 

Hope that everyone will enjoy here and if there is any question, any suggestion, any advice, please don't hesitate to let us know. We can add more functions to the site according to our suggestion. We'll invite those active members to join our decision making team. We discuss together where the site goes and how it goes.

Best regards,

Contact us:

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